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Connecting individuals: Nottinghamshire conservation project

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Connecting individuals: Nottinghamshire conservation project

16 May 2017
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The conservation project is a joint enterprise between CGL, The Forestry Commission, and The DLNR CRC. This project was set up in order to support service users in obtaining skills relevant to conservation, and also to look at the 5 ways of wellbeing. A group of between 10-16 service users, led by CGL Peer Mentor Kirsty complete a range of conservation work weekly.

The structure within this project focuses strongly on the 5 ways of wellbeing, service users are connecting with each other and utilising peer support, they are taking notice of their environment, they are giving back in the form of this work being completed on a voluntary basis, they are learning new skills and being active.

Each attendee of the group has a specific role within the group, and those less able to complete the physical aspect of the work, support other members by supporting with refreshments, and of course providing motivation and encouragement.

Parts of the Foundations of Change and Growth are also being incorporated into this group, where Kirsty leads discussions as they work and engages service users in a very different, but very positive way. The group is growing in numbers significantly week by week, with retention of group members also being strong.