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Moving to CGL

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Change, grow, live (CGL) has successfully transferred many services from existing providers, and has developed a very clear and structured approach to carrying out this crucially important process.

CGL is very clear that the focus throughout the transition will be on ensuring staff service users transfer safely and effectively.  We are committed to working very closely with your current treatment provider in ensuring that key information about individuals and what treatment they are receiving are shared with us.

Keeping you informed

It is natural to feel concerned about the changes that will be occurring locally to you, and this will raise questions and about how the change will affect both you and the service users you currently support. We also know that great communication is vital for this, so we set up an implementation website that all incoming staff will have access to. This website will have regular key messages, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and updates posted about some of the key activities that have taken place each week.  We will also create a specific email address that all staff can contact and ask questions that they may have about the transition. 

TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings – Protection of Employment)

When your service becomes part of change, grow, live, your employment rights are protected under TUPE regulations. You will become a change, grow, live employee but the continuity of your previous employment will be maintained and the majority of the terms and conditions of your original employment contract will stay the same.

Pension provision is not automatically protected under the current TUPE legislation. However, incoming providers are obliged to provide a suitable alternative pension scheme for transferring employees. The arrangements for this are laid down by TUPE and the Pensions Act 2004 whereby the new provider must provide a minimum pension provision.

This would be applicable for the majority of employees transferring from private and voluntary sectors. However some employees coming from the public sector may have additional protection under governmental arrangements as per the guidance laid out in the Staff Transfers in the Public Sector documentation.

CGL is undertaking application processes for staff with existing NHS and Civil Service Pensions.

Find out more

We are committed to making the transfer from your current employer to change, grow, live as smooth and clear as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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