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The next drug strategy

7th April 2017
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Investment into treatment and services must be protected if we are to build upon the gains made over the last twenty years.

A new drug strategy

9th September 2016

It seems important to me that the new Drug Strategy balances the aspiration of recovery with the evidence of what works in promoting health and well-being.

Trust in Charities

1st July 2016
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In a fairly tumultuous week of news the Charity Commission released its’ 2016 survey of the public’s trust in Charities.

Re-imagining commissioner and provider relations

11th March 2016
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We will continue to raise funds to improve services, to innovate and to add value wherever we can but CGL will not seek to raise funds to prop up underfunded statutory services to deliver them in the same ways.

Who should pay for the voluntary sector?

7th August 2015

Watching the widespread news coverage this week about the closure of Kids Company gave me the opportunity to pause and reflect about some of the core 'business principles' operated within change, grow, live (CGL) since I joined in 1999. 'Finance first' has been a guiding business principle for all change, grow, live managers.

I make no comment about Kids Company and do not have any insights into the internal operating of that charity, its management, nor its governance.

However from our perspective:

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