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Prison Reform Programme - time for change

31st May 2016
prison holloway

The case for reform is obvious – large swathes of the prison system were built at a time before the motor car was a common feature of modern life. 

NPS and Enforcement

6th May 2016
legal high packets

After a brief pause the Psychoactive Substances Act is going to be applied on 26th May 2016.

Prison reform must lead to positive action

12th February 2016
Prison reform

No one can quarrel with the sentiment behind the Prime Minister’s speech on prison reform and a renewed emphasis on education and rehabilitation.

Together with the recommendations of the Taylor Report on youth justice and other policy announcements, such as the proposal to replace decaying Victorian prisons with state of the art modern facilities, one dares to detect a fresh enthusiasm for a criminal justice system that can provide genuinely rehabilitative opportunities for people looking to break the cycle of reoffending. 

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