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Criminal Justice

Rebalancing act

14th February 2017
Scales of Justice

Rebalancing Act - a resource for crime commissioners by the Revolving Doors Agency is a timely reminder that crime can stem from a wide range of factors and circumstances.

Prison reform must lead to positive action

12th February 2016
Prison reform

No one can quarrel with the sentiment behind the Prime Minister’s speech on prison reform and a renewed emphasis on education and rehabilitation.

Together with the recommendations of the Taylor Report on youth justice and other policy announcements, such as the proposal to replace decaying Victorian prisons with state of the art modern facilities, one dares to detect a fresh enthusiasm for a criminal justice system that can provide genuinely rehabilitative opportunities for people looking to break the cycle of reoffending. 

Reforming the prison system

9th October 2015
Wormwood scrubs prison

I was interested to see some of the announcements made at the Conservative Party Conference about the intentions to fundamentally review the current prison estate.

I welcome the stated intention to close some of the antiquated Victorian establishments and the intention to replace them with modern developments constructed to better meet the rehabilitative needs of today's prison population. This will require decent healthcare facilities, provision of well resourced educational opportunities and world class recovery and rehabilitative interventions.

Why we decided to #banthebox

17th April 2015
Image of a man sitting at a desk

Finally after years of cajoling and avoidance on my part – this is the first in what should become a series of blogs from me, as part of change, grow, live (CGL) and our work within the areas of recovery, resilience and rehabilitation. We’ve existed as the Sussex Association for the Rehabilitation of Offenders since the early 1970s and as CRI since 2000 – working hard to help people maximise their potential, contribute to their communities and for many, to break away from criminal activity.

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