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Who we are

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We instil the aspiration that everyone can change, and we don’t want people to depend on us any longer than they have to.

As a recovery-oriented service, we try to inspire service users to work towards abstinence as a goal, and to help them appreciate the value that abstinence can bring to their health and wellbeing. However, we believe in service user choice and will support service users on longer term treatment journeys if that’s what they choose. Respecting the wishes of our service users and creating a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment is an integral part of our ethos and service delivery.

Change, grow, live (CGL) works in partnership with service users to help them identify and achieve their goals.

Our hard working staff are skilled at working with people from diverse backgrounds who have complex needs, and they are passionate about providing service users with opportunities to improve their lives.

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